Minerva Mission Statement

The mission of the Minerva Foundation for Financial Literacy is to provide underserved individuals with the financial education and personal empowerment they require to establish a higher quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities.

The Minerva Foundation started an after school Financial Education Program for select Wichita High School students. Students learn money management skills of spending, budgeting and planning. The goal is to help them achieve fiscal health to become financially responsible from a young age.

This is a two-day a week program for six weeks. Classes consist of workshops and seminars for approximately 60-90 minutes per class. After class, there is ample time for all students to conduct additional "Q & A" with the educator. Educators teach from a detailed Instructor's Manual, to ensure that the information they deliver is accurate, consistent and in a manner consistent with the goals and philosophy of the Minerva Foundation.

An East coast initiative was also started to empower domestically abused women to gain self-confidence and become emotionally stable. Its' goal is to provide the educational tools that will enable women to become financially independent and fully able to manage their money wisely.

Participants are residents of women's shelters and attend an intensive one-day program taught by professionals from a variety of fields who volunteer their time to the Minerva Foundation. In particular, the Foundation will incorporate a psychologist whose portion of the seminar is designed to aid participants in gaining emotional stability and coping mechanisms that will reinforce the overarching message of financial independence.

roman goddess of commerce

Minerva a Roman Goddess of Commerce